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Vespro C Factor Ester C Skin Renewal Serum 1 oz (29ml)

Vitamin C Skin Serum anti-aging skin care is designed to counteract time, the environment, and the forces that are harmful to your complexion. At the same time, it protects from future damage by promoting cell renewal, boosting collagen production and providing antioxidant protection.

VesPro C Factor Skin Serum formula with (Ester C®), is a leader in anti-aging skin care. Scientific research has shown that vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that is capable of preventing and even reversing the effects of aging on human skin.

C-Factor's Formula combines these cutting edge ingredients:

    Ester-C® - A Technological Breakthrough: 


The great news about Ester C is the shelf life. While most Vitamin C used in topical products is so unstable that 90% of its potency is gone after the first month (30 days). C Factor's main ingredient, Ester-C Topical retains 90% of its Vitamin C activity for 2 years! This translates to more potency in the bottle, so when you apply it, it sends concentrations of stable vitamin C directly into the skin.

To prove that Ester C® Topical achieves greater stability than ordinary vitamin C, specialists at Inter-Cal pioneered laboratory and analytical methods that gauge the stability of vitamin C liquids, topicals and cosmetics. Extensive accelerated tests revealed the remarkably long shelf life of Ester C® Topical... and the remarkably short shelf life of ordinary vitamin C. To understand the stability concept, consider the vitamin C in your orange juice. You buy it 'fresh' at the market. But as this chart shows, its vitamin C content deteriorates very rapidly. By contrast, the vitamin C in Ester C® Topical lasts over two years with a potency of 90%.

Pycnogenol® - Maintains Skin Health: 
A natural plant extract from the bark of the Maritime Pine, pinus maritima, growing along the coast of south-west France, in the Lands of Gascony. Pycnogenol® is a water-soluble flavonoid extract with highly bio available procyanidins, catechins, taxifolins and the typical spectrum of phenolic acids. has proof of its bio availability in man. Pycnogenol®, is a powerful blend of antioxidants and a natural anti-inflammatory agent, helps binds collagen fibers, realigning them in the process to more youthful, undamaged structures. Elasticity and flexible strength is restored to connective tissue. Current research has shown that Pycnogenol® maintains skin health and helps alleviate a variety of other conditions.

CoQ10 is a totally natural substance found in every cell of the human body, especially in the heart. 

Without the presence of Co-Q10 in all mammal cells, the cellular Mitochondrial electronic balance diminishes with increasing age, resulting in ever increasing numbers of free radicals pervading the cell. This decline in the health of your Mitochondria is Mitochondrial disease.

CoQ10 is harvested from a unique algae source produced in Japan. The Co-Q10 is removed without damaging the algae which is then able to recover and consequently can be re-harvested continually.

CoQ10 is also found in the food chain. Foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables have low levels. Raw or very undercooked meat has potentially high levels.

CoQ10 acts similar to extremely effective strong antioxidants.
It prevents production of Oxygen free radicals initially, due to efficient controlled use of Oxygen and Hydrogen electrons which then ensures that cellular anti-oxidants have less free radicals to negate.
In catalytic pathways it sparks the manufacture of Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP), which is the basic energy currency molecule of the cell. ATP is the fuel that electrifies the Mitochondria. Co-Q10 is the precursor of ATP. ATP is created within the Electron Transport Systems (ETS). There can be up to 15,000 Electron Transport Systems in one Mitochondria. The numbers differ greatly in various body parts and individuals. CoQ10 is the key to accessing HEZ (Hydrogen Efficiency Zone).

Bio-Ferm - The Cutting Edge:

A New and Unique All Natural Herbal Complex brought together from around the globe. From the United States desert southwest comes Jojoba, which provides a nutrient base rich in triglycerides and minerals, especially iodine. Yucca Root and Aloe for cleansing and moisturizing---also Arnica flowers and Juniper are sourced from the Northern U.S. South America provides Soapbark, known for its gentle cleansing qualities. Europe provides herbs from the alps, the Mediterranean and the northern plains such as Horsetail, Rosemary, Kelp, and Chamomile. From the Orient comes Green Tea, Each herb is carefully selected for it's natural constituents and blended in specific proportions to maximize their effect.


We have formulated a stable and unique Vitamin C Skin Serum that does not degrade rapidly like other vitamin C preparations may.VesPro's C Factor formula absorbed quickly by the skin, has a non sticky application, and maintains potency in the bottle, so when you apply it, it sends concentrations of stable vitamin C directly into the skin.

C Factor TM is designed to counteract time, the environment, and the forces that are harmful to your complexion. At the same time, it protects from future damage by promoting cell renewal, boosting collagen production and providing antioxidant protection.

Possible benefits of using C Factor :

  • Improves sun-damaged skin
  • Reduces the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Improves Your Skin Tones
  • Inhibits UV Aging for Younger Looking Skin
  • Great for use Under Make Up
  • Boost Collagen Production for Skin Protection
  • Maintains Skin Elasticity


Growth Factors



Source in the human body

Primary Activity



platelets, endothelial cells

promotes proliferation of connective tissue, glial and smooth muscle cells

two different protein chains form 3 distinct dimer forms; AA, AB and BB


submaxillary gland, Brunners gland

promotes proliferation of mesenchymal, glial and epithelial cells



common in transformed cells

may be important for normal wound healing

related to EGF


wide range of cells; protein is associated with the ECM

promotes proliferation of many cells; inhibits some stem cells; induces mesoderm to form in early embryos

at least 19 family members, 4 distinct receptors


activated TH1 cells (T-helper) and natural killer (NK) cells

anti-inflammatory (suppresses cytokine production and class II MHC expression), promotes wound healing, inhibits

at least 100 different family members


Do Vitamin C Products Work?

Facts You Should Know About Topical Vitamin C

In recent years, there has been an explosion in the number of skin rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle products with vitamin C. Do their claims have any substance? Do these products work? The situation is more complicated than you thought. On one hand, vitamin C does possess definite merits for wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation. On the other hand, most vitamin C products don't work.

Ordinary Vitamin C Does Not Last

Most vitamin C formulas are relatively unstable unless in a dry form. In the presence of air or other oxidizing agents, vitamin C is easily converted to an oxidized form. Vitamin C in its oxidized form is of no benefit for collagen synthesis or free radical scavenging. It actually promotes free radical formation causing damage to collagen, DNA and other vital structures. If skin care products are stored or prepared poorly, vitamin C may already be oxidized by the time you apply it to your skin.

But these problems can easily be resolved if:

  • Vitamin C concentration in a product is high enough to create a substantial increase in vitamin C levels in skin cells;
  • The Vitamin C is absorbed quickly by the skin so that it has the chance to work while intact;
  • Vitamin C is properly preserved by sufficient amounts of protective substances.

Ordinary vitamin C is so fragile it oxidizes and disappears upon contact with air, water, heat and light. Most vitamin C used in topical products is so unstable that 90% of its potency is gone after the first month. VesPro's C Factor main ingredient, Ester-C Topical, contains 14.3% vitamin C, and retains 90% of its vitamin C activity for two years at room temperature. C FactorTM 14.3% vitamin C is a uniquely stable formulation that doesn't degrade rapidly like other vitamin C preparations may. Another plus to the unique C FactorTM formula is the extremely fast absorption and non sticky application which comes from the inclusion of CoQ10, pycnogenol and a proprietary herbal complex. It maintains potency in the bottle, so when you apply it, it sends concentrations of stable vitamin C directly into the skin.

C Is for Collagen

Vitamin C is known for its importance in the manufacture of collagen. Topical vitamin C has also shown to prevent the free radical skin damage that occurs following exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. Free radicals are unstable molecules that steal electrons from your body's healthy molecules to balance themselves. Unchecked, free radicals can cause significant tissue damage and contribute to premature wrinkling.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been used as an aid for the healing of wounds, to help boost the immune system, and help fight the common cold. Recent scientific research has shown that vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant that is capable of preventing and possibly even reversing the effects of aging on human skin.

It is for this reason that we use vitamin C as a key ingredient in our anti-aging formulations. If topically applied, a high-dose vitamin C serum would also help prevent and treat dry skin problems, especially for geriatric patients.

Vitamin C and Melanogenesis

Studies have shown that vitamin C reduces the formation of melanin. This result predicts that vitamin C could have a skin lightening effect because melanin is responsible for the dark pigmentation of human skin. Studies indicated that if applied topically, vitamin C has skin lightening effects. Vitamin C can be used as a skin clarifier to even skin tones and lightens the dark skin blemishes and age spots that are characteristic of aging skin. It is especially effective around the eyes.

Vitamin C and Free Radicals

Studies indicated that less collagen is produced if human fibroblasts are exposed to reactive oxygen species (free radicals). Free radicals are thought to be responsible for cross-linking of elastin and collagen. This cross-linking causes wrinkles and skin sagging. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can damage the skin. Topical vitamin C is capable of controlling the inflammation resulting from ultraviolet exposure that eventually leads to wrinkling and skin cancer.

Recent studies show that topically applied vitamin C is absorbed into the dermis in levels high enough to protect the skin from UV radiation damage as measured by erythema and sunburn formation.


Know the Risks of Premature Skin Aging

Protect Yourself :

  • Protect yourself and family (especially children) from sun's harmful UV rays and pollution.
  • Protect yourself daily against sun damage and incidental exposure with Vitamin C Skin Serum.

Get the Facts:

  • 90% of premature skin aging is cause by sun exposure.
  • SPF sun protection does not do the job alone.
  • Not all sunscreens protect against UVB rays (sun burn) and UVA rays (sun aging).

Sun Damage Skin:

  • Damaging UVA and UVB rays are always present, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Most skin damage occurs from incidental exposure without adequate protection. For example: walking, jogging, cycling, driving, sports, swimming etc.)
  • According to the National Cancer Institute, 1 out of 7 Americans develope skin melanoma during their lifetime.

Tips to Protect Your Skin:

  • Avoid direct sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Use SPF 15 or greater every day.
  • Seek shade whenever possible.
  • Wear protective clothing and eyewear.
  • Report suspicious skin changes to your physician.
  • Apply sunscreen to children of all ages, including those 6 months and older.

VesPro's Cfactor Vitamin C Skin Serum can reduce the effects of sun damage, as well as wrinkling, dryness and blotchy pigmentation that are often part of the natural aging process. Early treatment can also help eliminate the progression to more destructive skin problems. VesPro's Vitamin C Skin Serum can revitalize the skin of women, and men of any age, or skin type.



Thank you for your prompt attention. I recieved my order from FedEx on Friday morning 22 Nov just four days after placing my order. Considering I live on the other side of the world, thats not too shabby.

I've been using C Factor for one week and so far I'm thrilled to bits to say the least. I have been using Cellex C for over 18 mnths and have found that my skin was begining to become more and more sensitive. I am getting no adverse reaction with C Factor what so ever.

Have you considered formulating a product containing Ester C for body use? Once again thanks have a customer for life!

~ Allan Q., Australia


I've tried every product in the duty free stores, but NOTHING has worked better than C Factor. I'm very happy to have my own skin back from the dry "cabin skin".

~ Rachel Larner,
Air New Zealand flight attendant


The vitamin C in C Factor absorbs both UVA and UVB and acts as a photo absorbent and also as an immune stimulant to diminish solar damage. I highly recommended C Factor to prevent premature skin aging and maintain healthy skin.

~ Mark Van Wormer,


"As a female business executive, and for simply a general feeling of self confidence, my appearance is very important. I have what we ladies like to refer to as mature skin, skin that has been around for way over 50 years. In these many years I have tried most product types that have come on the market in my quest to remain as young as possible for as long as possible.

One essential skin care regimen particularly touted by my dermatologist has been to 'use a C based product'. Vitamin C actually rejuvenates and replaces old skin cells with new cells creating a more beautiful, smoother and softer skin that actually glows. While this works, I found all the C products I used to be so drying or sticky when applied to the skin that I could only use them at bedtime and never under makeup.

I was delighted to discover VesPro's C Factor product. It is totally non-drying, gives my skin the rejuvenated new skin glow and best of all I can use it under makeup as a moisturizing base.

Thank you, VesPro, for putting all the necessary parts together in one bottle for a more beautiful me."

~ Carol Wagoner, Business Executive


"I have purchased three other products that say they are rich in vitamin C. After several months of use, I really couldn't tell that they were doing much. I was disappointed. I know the many benefits of vitamin C, as well as its incredible ability to repair and rebuild cells in the skin, so I had expectations of the other products. I was beginning to doubt that vitamin C could really make a big difference - until I used C Factor. I am really glad to find such a high quality product."

"I started using C Factor at night eight days ago...I noticed the difference after the very first use! My skin looked smoother the next morning, and the fine lines around my mouth seemed less visible. Even the furrow lines that I have developed on my forehead seemed less pronounced! The product continues to work...after only one week, I can really tell that it is making a difference in the youthful appearance of my skin."

~ Robin Maddox, Sales Consultant


"Hi! This is Ann Butenas from "Right at Home with Ann," airing each Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. right here on 1140 AM KCXL. Being a busy mom with three boys and a full work schedule. I rarely have to take care of myself, especially when it comes to how I look. But that has all changed significantly in the past couple of weeks. I have been using C Factor, the ultimate skin therapy, from VesPro Life Sciences. I simply apply this unique Ester-C topical herbal complex on my face twice daily. The results have been fantastic! My skin looks and feels much smoother, and I no longer see a dull, blotchy face when I look in the mirror! And, because C Factor is easily absorbed into the skin without feeling sticky, I can apply my make-up right over it. This great moisturizing formula even helps the application of my make-up to be smoother and more natural. I just love it, and you will, too!

~ Ann B.


"I don't know if it is the "C Factor" or the HGH, but twice in the last month I've had people who hadn't seen me in a while say "You look great!" I do feel a lot better energy wise. As you know, for years I have suffered an on-going battle with fatigue after a serious viral infection. I saved all my energy for work then would use the weekends to recuperate. It was not unusual for me to spend the weekends lying down I was so fatigued. Getting up in the morning was always a struggle. I felt like I had 20lbs bags on my shoulders. I would set the alarm for 6 am just so I could leave the house by 9 am. The other day I asked my son if he has noticed whether I am more energetic since taking the HGH. He said "Yea, I think it's working because when I want to go somewhere after you get home at night - even just to the store - you say o.k." "I'm too tired" is no longer my mantra.

I even feel energized enough to exercise and that is a miracle. I am looking forward to a follow-up visit at the doctor's office. Last year my natural killer cell profile (your bodies first line of defense) was abnormally low. My immune system was so ravaged by the virus that my ability to fight off disease was still greatly compromised. My doctor, who is an infectious disease specialist, recommended I start taking colostrum, but after two months I wasn't feeling that much better. I am looking forward to finding out how that number has changed after using the HGH for three months.

Bruce, I want to thank you for introducing me to these products. I am not only a satisfied customer, but a customer for life. Send me another batch!

~ Cynthia S.

Users were asked to give their opinion about the product by completing the following sentence fragments with some short sentences:

"I would describe the product as..."
  • soothing and healing
  • a moisturizer that stays on and protects a little longer than other lotions
  • wonderful! fabulous! fantastic!
  • soothing, absorbs well
  • moisturizing, healing
  • a long-lasting moisturizer
  • rich in texture; felt really good going on
  • a lightweight, non-oily, effective moisturizer
  • very effective
  • very helpful with dry skin
  • useful and helpful in making aging skin better
  • helpful for older skin
  • surface smoothing
"I would buy this product if..."
  • no if... I would buy this product
  • it was in lotion form
  • if I could; I want MORE now!
  • it came in scented form and was in a pump container
  • it was lightly fragranced, packaged separately for face and body
"I like the product because..."
  • it healed my rough skin and heels
  • my skin is soft and not scaly anymore
  • it soothed my hands right away
  • it cleared up minor breakouts on my nose
  • it rubbed in easily and wasn't greasy
  • it had a lasting hydrating effect on my skin
  • it moisturized nicely
  • it absorbed into the skin without residue
  • it was soothing and non-greasy
  • it was very soothing, healed dry legs after shaving
  • it healed a rash area whose cause is unknown
  • dry itching skin felt soft/moist
  • I could see and feel a difference
  • it has made my skin much softer looking
  • it seemed to last all day
  • it softened the rough area of my feet and stayed on all day
"I would make the product more like..."
  •'s far better than anything on the market!!!
  • a health cream for the vitamin market
  • a lotion for legs, arms, hands; for face; the consistency is fine as is
Other Comments...


  • My hands are in dishwater 8 hours each day, and the serum seemed to last longer than hand lotion
  • I felt my "alligator legs" improved a lot
  • I love it! Protected my skin even in the pool and hottub at the gym
  • Make two different products: one for the face and one for the body
  • I consider it a miracle ointment -- no other moisturizer or cortisone creams worked like this one. Thank you so much!
  • I love this! Do you need help selling it?
  • My skin is much softer. I had people feel both arms without telling them why. Everyone said the skin on my left arm (where I applied the product) felt softer and "moister". This is a great product.
  • It doesn't get on clothes, which is a very nice feature
  • Good for mature skin. Will probably appeal more to women then men.
  • I was glad to have used it -- I thought my skin looked healthier