VesPro GHS Original GH Releaser Secretagogue 60 caps

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VesPro GHS Original GH Secretagogue releaser 60 caps   (Ships within USA only)

Vespro gh Releaser is superior to other secretagogue technology. The addition of more hypothalamic peptides, liver support, adrenal support and significant amounts of adaptagenic herbs make VesPro GHS the state-of-the-art Secretagogue in today's consumer marketplace.

Additionally, two delivery systems optimize the delivery and absorption of these fragile constituents, first into the stomach, then past the intestinal wall for saturation of the targeted receptor sites by the amino acids and peptides.

Herbal Matrix:

Moomiyo: Research has documented the significant benefits this herb mineral compound has on cellular regeneration. 

Chinese Licorice and Schizandra: Research has shown that these two herbal substances have powerful antioxidant properties and improve liver function. Tonic herbs have been shown in scientific studies to assist athletes in coping with stress in extreme athletic performance.

Tribulus: This Bulgarian plant extract has been proven to be an effective precursor to testoterone and has been used by eastern block countries for decades in sports nutrition protocols.

Nutraceutical Matrix:

Alpha Glyceryphosphorylcholine: Often referred to as the "Holy Grail of GH enhancers by many scientists," this acetylcholine precursor is derived from soy and increases endogenous GH release and elevates blood levels of choline to support liver function.

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid: Promotes relaxation and cognitive function by improving neural control of cell firing.

Mucuna Pruriens: Has been proven to increase testosterone levels leading to deposition of protein in lean body tissues and improvement in mental alertness.

Colostrum: The first food of life contains powerful growth factors such as IGF-1 that promotes tissue repair, muscle growth, protein synthesis and RNA and DNA integrity.

Sequenced Peptide and Amino Acid Matrix

Hypothalamic and Pituitary Peptides combined in a sequenced amino acid profile stack.

APF Delivery System: APF insures that the delicate peptides, proteins and amino acids are safely transported through stomach acids for sequencing and absorption in the intestinal tract. APF enhances bio-availability of these compounds to their naturally intended uptake sites.

Powerful Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRP'S)

Natural, biologically active protein molecules are made up of very specific and precise combinations of amino acids. These peptides function as messengers to stimulate various biological responses. Our scientists have been able to isolate and duplicate, with naturally occurring ingredients, many of these biological peptides including GHRP's. When these duplicate peptides are delivered to the appropriate organs, in this case the pituitary and hypothalamus glands, they are able to bind to receptor sites. At this point they function just as our body's own natural peptides and stimulate a similar biological response: The secretion of growth hormone. This highly advanced technology is incorporated into VesPro GHS to achieve maximum GH support for cellular regeneration, and immune support.


Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 3capsules

Amount Per Serving


% Daily Value *

NGH Protein / Peptide Complex

1500 mg

** %     

GH Support Herbal Blend

600 mg

** %     

Nutraceutic Matrix

450 mg

** %     

Calcium Phosphate

71 mg

** %     

*Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily value not established.

Usage Directions:Three capsules or more to be taken daily. Cycle five days on, then two days off or as directed by a health care professional. Suggested times for taking VesPro GHS:

  • On an empty stomach before bedtime
  • Upon waking up in the morning one hour before meals
  • On an empty stomach one hour before meals

Repeat this cycle for ninety days then take two weeks off. No food should be eaten for three hours prior to taking tablets.

Storage: Store in cool, dry area. Keep out of reach of children.

Warning: Not intended for use by pregnant or lactating women.

DISCLAIMER: VesPro GHS is a nutritional supplement and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose diseases. If you have serious health problems and are taking prescription medications, always consult your doctor before taking any form of nutritional supplements.


Independent Test Results On VesPro GHS

The results that follow are from an independent test conducted by DiagnosTech International, Inc. under the leadership of Dr Gottfried Kellermann.

The results are the average of the test subjects.

Q: Do GH-releasing supplements like VesPro GHS have anabolic properties?

A: GH releasers would manifest some anabolic properties through enhanced muscle protein synthesis and reduced muscle protein catabolism, both of which is possible to enhance muscle anabolism.

Q: Why should VesPro GHS be taken on an empty stomach?

A: GH is released more reliably under conditions of low blood glucose and a low content of circulating free fatty acids in the blood. This means that such amino acid supplements work best if taken on an empty stomach.

Q: Why is it suggested to take VesPro GHS at bedtime?

A: Taking amino acids or GH-releasers at such time is suggested as a way to augment the natural peak release of GH, which occurs during the initial ninety minutes of sleep.

Q: What is meant by a “growth hormone-releasing Secretagogue?”

A: Any natural peptide or amino acid chain, which augments both the amount of, and release of, existing GH in the brain’s pituitary gland.

Q: What is the suggested dosage of VesPro GHS?

A: The schedule for VesPro GHS calls for taking the supplement three tablets at a time, at bedtime, for five consecutive days, followed by a two-day break. The cycle is then repeated. After three consecutive months, it is recommended that an individual takes two weeks off.

Q: What makes VesPro GHS superior to other secretagogue technology?

A: The addition of more hypothalamic peptides, liver support, adrenal support and significant amounts of adaptagenic herbs make VesPro GHS the state-of-the-art Secretagogue in today’s consumer marketplace. Additionally, two delivery systems optimize the delivery and absorption of these fragile constituents, first into the stomach, then past the intestinal wall for saturation of the targeted receptor sites by the amino acids and peptides.

Q: What are possible contraindications in using VesPro GHS?

A: There are no known medical contraindications. To receive maximum utilization and absorption, it is however, important to take the product on an empty stomach. If you have serious health problems and are taking prescription medications, always consult your doctor before taking any form of nutritional supplements.

Q: May I take other supplements at the same time as VesPro GHS?

A: The important issue is to not jeopardize maximize saturation of the intended receptor sites, so taking the product alone would be optimal. Any supplement that increases testosterone levels would be compatible with simultaneous ingestion. Supplements that increase insulin levels will interfere with the intended results of VesPro GHS. Separate consumption of those supplements and VesPro GHS by at least four hours. Always consukt your doctors if you have questions about taking supplements.

Q: How quickly should I expect to see results with VesPro GHS?

A: Everyone is different based on body biochemistry, immune integrity etc. Most people experience a more restful night’s sleep and increase energy rather quickly. Three months of use is recommended for more results to show.

Q: At what age may an individual benefit from VesPro GHS?

A: Most healthy people, below the age of 30, who have normal hormone levels, would not need the product. Everyone over 40, because of the rapid changes in the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis, would greatly benefit from the product’s attributes. One exception: a serious athlete or bodybuilder, under the age of 30, would still need VesPro GHS because of the tremendous wear and tear on the body resulting from the physical activity.

Q: Will I grow taller if I begin the product, as I am not growing at a “normal rate” for someone my age?

A: There are no clinical studies at this point which prove that a plant-based peptide, amino acid complex will increase bone plate length. There are bone density studies but no definitive results as regards length. VesPro GHS is not intended for people seeking height increase. There is no known knowledge of a nutritional supplement that can help height increase in a normal person.

More Information About Moomiyo also Known as Mumie

Though Mumie (also known as moomiyo) has been used in folk medicine of different countries for almost two thousand years, there are still many legends regarding its mysterious origin. In Russia serious research has been conducted on Mumie since 1910. This research became even more intense during the past twenty years. Many investigations originate from Mumie's origin, which is the Middle Asia regions of the former USSR (Kirgysia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan). This research was supported through government financing and conducted at major laboratories within the national science and medicine academies of these republics.

Health organizations aren't the only groups interested in Mumie. In Russia and many of the former USSR republics Mumie is considered a strategic material and is used extensively as a performance enhancer within the armed forces (Spetnaz, and other elite fighting groups), to help prepare cosmonauts before and during space travel, and as an important part in the restoration programs of national and Olympic-level athletes. It was surprising to me that Mumie was unknown to American athletes until recently when it was introduced by a Russian/American company in 1991.

To locate the origin for the word Mummie one would have to go back 2,500 years to the time of the ancient philosopher and scientist Aristotle. He proposed the first procedures for testing the compound as well as its initial preparation in grape juice, honey and milk. Mumie is often used by ordinary persons to treat bone fractures and strains of muscles and ligaments, stomach disorders, nervous and cardiovascular problems, the inflammation of joints, and impotence. It is a good biostimulator and serves to elevate the immune system and neuro-homoral regulation, control oxidation-reduction processes, and has a positive influence on mineral metabolism. The most recent survey of the practical applications of Mumie have come from Moscow through the efforts of Dr.'s A.A. Altamyshev and B.K. Kortshubelkov and supported by the Russian Committee of Cosmonautics. To date several hundred research investigations have been conducted on Mumie which clearly point to its mechanisms of action and its usefulness.


Customer Feedback About VesPro GHS

"With over 30 years research and study in exercise and nutrition, I have been asked to personally test new so called "state-of-the-art" supplements. Recently I tried a product called "Pro-hGH", a natural growth hormone precursor. I was disappointed in the results, to say the least. Then VesPro asked me to try their version of the Natural G.H. precursor. Man, what a difference! This product flat works!"

~ Dick Hathaway
Masters "Natural Mr. Universe"
Four Time Winner

"Dear sirs, Since I have been taking VesPro GHS I have been sleeping deeper and when I wake up I feel a lot more rested and awake. I have started growing hair on a bald spot on the back of my head, it is the same color that my younger hair was. I seem to have more energy, and get up and go than I did before. My joints that used to hurt when ever the weather would turn bad have hurt a lot less. I have lost about ten pounds in the last two months and haven't changed my eating habits by very much or haven't changed my working out or exercises. I will continue using VesPro GHS because it has helped me look, feel and act younger."

~ Keneth D. Lynch

" I have been using VesPro GH products exclusively in my practice since it was first released by VesPro. To date approximately 50 patients have been started on the product and clinical results have been excellent. IGF levels have not been completely evaluated, however, some individuals have had a 50 - 70 point increase in IGF-1.

~ Dr. Frederic J Vagnini, MD, FACS
(March 29, 1999)

Note: Currently, Dr. Vagnini has hundreds of patients using VesPro GH products.

The following are extracts of Dr. Priore's letter to us. "Peter 44 years old, 129 lbs, vegetarian, overworked, overplayed, thin with episodes of fatigue, graying hair, lack of appetite, lack of sex drive, acidosis, insomnia and sometimes even jaundice in the skin. He has been taking systemic Formulas, liver and gall bladder RNA and DNA, liver stailizer, Essential Oils MSM, vitamin C, E, A, Homeopathic, and a combination of herbs for this condition with good results. I explained to Peter about VesPro Gh and he agreed to take one dosage at bedtime. He immediately reported deeper and better sleep. A week later his hair seemed less gray. I believe that Peter's delilitative problems had something to do with his lack of hormone stimulation. He needs to take this Growth Hormone support along with his regiment."

"Stephanie, 29 years old 5' 7" tall, 145 lbs. She has been missing her menstrual cycles since she was 18 years years old. Visiting many doctors and facing extreme discomfort emotionally and physically, she was facing a historectomy. At the age of 26 she came to my office as a last resort to try an alternative way to bring back her mense. She had pimples, fatigue, constipation, and an ugly appendix scar since a child, moodswing, and many allergies. ?Her last visit I gave her a box of VesPro GH product along with her monthly supplies. I received a call in six days giving me credit for making her feel human again."

Dear Sir: "I would like to tell you that I am an MS patient and I have been taking Vespro GH product since February of this year on the recommendation of my family physician. She phoned me recently regarding the results of my third blood test since I have been taking your product and she was thrilled with the results. My HGH level has triple and I am feeling better than I have in a long time and I believe it is due to the VesPro GH product."


This is a note sent to a Pharmacist who carries our product:

Dear Morris,

It was suggested by our daughter Anne Klepp that I try the natural Human Growth Hormone to help the problems of having Fibromylgio.

I satarted taking the VesPro HGH supplement last February. For many years we have vacationed in Hawaii the month of February. Even though I had been using the HGH for a short time. I noticed I had more energy and was able to do more than I had in recent years because of the Fibromylgio?Now I am walking a mile each morning and sometimes again in the evening.

My appearance has become more important, again, and would you believe the amorous feelings for my husband of 51 years has returned.

We are going on our first cruise next month. VesPro GH has given me back my life and I wanted you to know.

Most Sincerely,
Anita T.

"VesPro's growth hormone secretagogue is fantastic. The adaptogenic effects are a huge bonus for both the overtrained athlete and the stressful life of the baby boomer generation. I'm excited about offering products that tested so well using applied kinesiology and make sense physiologically."

~Dr. Michael W. Phillips, D.C.
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Certificate Applied Kinesiologist

Disclaimer: "The above are testimonials of actual customers: These testimonials do not constitute a product claim of any kind. The results obtained by that customer does not imply that you will have the same or similar results."