Posted by VesPro on 19th May 2024

What is BioProtein Plus and why should I take it?

Answer: BioProtein-Plus is a specially formulated thymus supplement that is designed to support and improve immune system function. The thymus gland plays a key role in the immune system by releasing proteins that program white blood cells to resist invading pathogens.

BioProtein-Plus contains biologically active thymus proteins that are carefully and gently purified from thymus gland tissue and kept in their natural active state, just as they exist in the body. BioProtein-Plus also contains Zinc Gluconate, an immune boosting supplement that is clinically proven to reduce the duration of the common cold.

Q: What are Purified Thymus Protein?

A: Purified Thymus Proteins are proteins separated from thymus gland tissue by a gentle biological technique to keep them in their natural active state, just as they exist in the body (biologically active). Int his biologically active state, they do their job just like one's own thymus protein.

Q: What is the job of a Thymus Protein?

A: Thymus Protein come from the Thymus gland, a small ductless gland under the breast bone. Their job is to program specific white blood cells called T-lymphocytes.

Q: And the job of T-lymphocytes?

A: T-lymphocytes or T=cells are cells that specialize in suppressing virus and cancer.

Q: Why take a thymus supplement when I already have a thymus gland?

A: A person's thymus gland becomes less active with age, stress, disease or trauma and can leave a person vulnerable to illness because of the lack of production of thymus proteins. Supplementing with biologically active thymus proteins helps, as proven in a number of clinical trials.

Q: Why is Zinc Gluconate in BioProtein+Plus, can't I get too much Zinc?

A: BioProtein-Plus contains Purified Thymus Proteins and Zinc Gluconate. Zinc Gluconate helps the Purified Thymus Proteins interact with the T-cells. Zinc Gluconate by itself is clinically proven to reduce the duration of the common cold. The amount of Zinc in each dose is not high enough to cause toxicity even in a person who takes a separate Zinc supplement.

Q:Who should take BioProtein-Plus?

A: As with all supplements, a person should get professional advice. BioProtein+Plus has been used successfully by men, women and children of all ages. *Not recommended for pregnant women.

Q: For what is BioProtein-Plus most commonly used?

A: To promote overall good health. Prevention of and reducing the duration of cold and flu symptoms. Before and after surgery. Before, during and after chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment. In conjunction with an Anti-Aging regimen.

Q: Are there any clinical trials?

A: BioProtein-Plus has been shown to help reduce levels of harmful liver enzymes and virus levels in people with Hepatitis C.

Suggested Dosage:

INITIAL DOSE; at the first symptoms or in midst of severe infection, administer 1 sub-lingual packet of BIOPROTEIN+PLUS every hour over a 5 to 7 hour period (5-7 x), and repeat this regimen for one (1) to three (3) days.

SUBSEQUENT DOSE; continue with 3 packets per day of BIOPROTEIN+PLUS for an additional 3-4 days or until symptoms subside.

MAINTENANCE DOSE; a single packet per day of sub-lingual BIOPROTEIN+PLUS as a maintenance dose, may sustain the immune response and anyone that is high risk for respiratory disease, or works as a health care professional in an infectious environment should stay on this dosage daily to maintain the highest level of wellness attainable.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.