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BioActive Nutriceuticals BioProtein-Plus 30 packets

BioProtein-Plus contains biologically active purified thymic proteins ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 Dalton's plus 100mcg of thymic protein and 1mg zinc gluconate freeze-dried in a base of Maltodextrin.

BioProtein-Plus also also know as (BioPro) is a specially formulated thymus supplement that is designed to support and improve immune system function. The thymus gland plays a key role in the immune system by releasing proteins that program white blood cells to resist invading pathogens.

BioProtein-Plus contains biologically active thymus proteins that are carefully and gently purified from thymus gland tissue and kept in their natural active state, just as they exist in the body. BioProtein-Plus also contains Zinc Gluconate, an immune boosting supplement that is clinically proven to reduce the duration of the common cold.

Suggested Dosage:

INITIAL DOSE; at the first symptoms or in midst of severe infection, administer 1 sub-lingual packet of BIOPROTEIN+PLUS every hour over a 5 to 7 hour period (5-7 x), and repeat this regimen for one (1) to three (3) days.

SUBSEQUENT DOSE; continue with 3 packets per day of BIOPROTEIN+PLUS for an additional 3-4 days or until symptoms subside.

MAINTENANCE DOSE; a single packet per day of sub-lingual BIOPROTEIN+PLUS as a maintenance dose, may sustain the immune response and anyone that is high risk for respiratory disease, or works as a health care professional in an infectious environment should stay on this dosage daily to maintain the highest level of wellness attainable.

FAQ BioProtein+PlusTM
Unique Thymic Compound

Q: What is BioProtein-Plus?

A: BioProtein-Plus is a specially formulated supplement designed to support healthy immune system function.

Q: What is BioProtein-Plus that helps immune system function? A:BioProtein+Plus contains Purified Thymus Proteins and Zinc Gluconate freeze-dried in a base of Maltodextrin. Each packet contains 100mcg of thymic protein and 1mg zinc gluconate.

Q: What are Purified Thymus Protein?

A: Purified Thymus Proteins are proteins separated from thymus gland tissue by a gentle biological technique to keep them in their natural active state, just as they exist in the body (biologically active). Int his biologically active state, they do their job just like one's own thymus protein.

Q: What is the job of a Thymus Protein?

A: Thymus Protein come from the Thymus gland, a small ductless gland under the breast bone. Their job is to program specific white blood cells called T-lymphocytes.

Q: And the job of T-lymphocytes?

A: T-lymphocytes or T=cells are cells that specialize in suppressing virus and cancer.

Q: Why take a thymus supplement when I already have a thymus gland?

A: A person's thymus gland becomes less active with age, stress, disease or trauma and can leave a person vulnerable to illness because of the lack of production of thymus proteins. Supplementing with biologically active thymus proteins helps, as proven in a number of clinical trials.

Q: Why is Zinc Gluconate in BioProtein+Plus, can't I get too much Zinc?

A: BioProtein-Plus contains Purified Thymus Proteins and Zinc Gluconate. Zinc Gluconate helps the Purified Thymus Proteins interact with the T-cells. Zinc Gluconate by itself is clinically proven to reduce the duration of the common cold. The amount of Zinc in each dose is not high enough to cause toxicity even in a person who takes a separate Zinc supplement.

Q:Who should take BioProtein-Plus?

A: As with all supplements, a person should get professional advice. BioProtein+Plus has been used successfully by men, women and children of all ages. 
*Not recommended for pregnant women.

Q: For what is BioProtein-Plus most commonly used?

A: To promote overall good health. Prevention of and reducing the duration of cold and flu symptoms. Before and after surgery. Before, during and after chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment. In conjunction with an Anti-Aging regimen.

Q: Are there any clinical trials?

A: BioProtein-Plus has been shown to help reduce levels of harmful liver enzymes and virus levels in people with Hepatitis C.

BioProtein+Plus - Biologically Active Thymus Proteins plus Zinc Balances Immune System Function
By, Daniel Clark M.D.

Immune Dysfunction

Dysfunction of the Immune System affects about 65 million Americans. These dysfunctions manifest themselves in disorders such as Chronic Allergies and Respiratory problems, Arthritis, Diabetes, Lupus Erythematosus and Chronic Viral infections to name a few. The cost in terms of lost time at work, cost of related health care and diminished quality of life cannot be accurately estimated. However, everyone agrees that the costs are enormous. A good deal of the time and money related to Immune Dysfunction is actually spent treating the disorders rather than directly approaching the underlying cause itself.

Immune Dysfunction is likely the result of a combination of assaults on the immune system. Generally there is immune suppression, then infection followed by treatment of the infection. If immune function is not restored, the initial infection may not resolve, or it may be followed by another infection eventually overwhelming the immune system causing it to overreact and under-react simultaneously. This is classic Immune Dysfunction, a patient with multiple low-grade infections and autoimmune disorders at the same time. Direct immune stimulation may exacerbate the autoimmune disorders, while treating autoimmune disorders may suppress immunity and allow infection to proliferate.

The Thymus Gland

The "brain" of the immune system is the thymus gland. It lies just beneath the breastbone and is responsible for producing perhaps dozens of different polypeptides that "program" lymphocyte progenitors. Lymphocytes are born in the bone marrow; some receive their programming in the bone marrow and are referred to as B-lymphocytes. Others migrate to the thymus gland to mature by contacting the thymic proteins and are referred to as T-lymphocytes. The T-lymphocytes display receptor sites on their surface that correspond to transmitter sites on the surface of the various thymic proteins. When the appropriate T-lymphocyte contacts its corresponding protein, the transmitter fits into the receptor (much like a key fits into a lock) and the lymphocyte is now ready to perform its specific function or is otherwise immune-competent.

There are two main types of T-lymphocytes. These are the T-4 (CD4) helper, and the T-8 (CD8) that further differentiate into killer and suppressor types. Helper cells not only induce killer and suppressor cells but also induce B-lymphocytes, and macrophages. Killer cells do just that, kill. When they are immune-competent they have the ability to recognize deviant cells such as tumor cells and the body's own cells that are virally infected. Once recognized, the killer cell attacks. Sometimes killer cells overreact by attacking self-tissue (auto-immune disease) but if immune-competent suppressor cells are present, they intervene and stop the attack. Thus when the system is functioning properly the thymus produces proteins that "program" T-lymphocytes that start and stop immune response. Due to genetic flaw, trauma, stress, disease, exposure to toxic substances and/or inevitably the aging process, the thymus ceases to produce its proteins in the proper quantity or combination's to maintain immune balance.

Supplementation with Thymic Proteins

The use of thymic extracts has been well studied. There is a substantial body of clinical evidence that indicates the use of thymus is effective in the treatment of a number of diseases and disorders. Chronic viral infections, different types of cancers, and some auto-immune disorders are a few that I will discuss here.

Double-blind studies reveal that thymus extracts are able to eliminate viral infection; and continued use over one year reduces the number of recurrent infections. Additionally, patients in the studies show improved immune parameters. In cancer patients, the primary indication for thymus use is for the treatment of lymphopenia/leukopenia caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The effect is to prevent or at least mitigate the dramatic drop in white blood cell levels and to restore counts more quickly in cases where they do drop. The net result of patients taking thymus are that they are more often able to complete their treatment and with reduced side effects than in patients who do not take thumus 2,3. Autoimmune disorders are immune dysfunction where the bodies' own defense mechanisms are attacking self-tissue.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Scleroderma are classic disorders caused by increased antibody formation brought on by a high T-helper/T-suppressor ratio. A clinical study in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients revealed that thymus extract use normalized their T-helper/T-suppressor ratios in three months 2. Thymus is also indicated for the treatment of Hepatitis C, AIDS, Chronic Fatigue, Cold and Flu, Lupus Erythematosis, Type II Diabetes and Scleroderma. Studies are presently being conducted for the treatment of Hepatitis C.

Another area of recent study for the application of thymus products has to do with the role lymphocytes play in periodontal disease. The first line of defense against bacterial plaque is neutrophils. Neutrophils are depressed in people susceptible to periodontal disease such as diabetics and the geriatric population. Lymphocytes promote neutrophil growth and thymus proteins promote lymphocyte growth. Lymphocytes therefore play a major role in prevention and resolution of periodontal disease 10,11.

Volumes of scientific data exist now to support the use of thymus products for immune suppression and immune dysfunction. There is precious little data however suggesting which specific thymus product is most effective.

Which Thymus Products are Best?

There are a variety of thymus products available from raw thymus tissue to highly purified thymus proteins and many thymus extracts in between. Thymus proteins are produced in the thymic epithelium and range in size from probably around 10,000 Dalton to perhaps over 50,000 Dalton. Whether large or small, proteins are complex molecules that can be easily damaged (de-natured) or changed. Changes in the protein molecule can bear directly on its biological activity and therefore its ability to "program" T-lymphocytes.

Therefore the manner in which the thymus product is handled and administered will bear directly upon how much benefit the patient experiences from using it.

Typical thymic extracts are composed of finely ground thymus tissue, which is then freeze-dried and encapsulated to be swallowed and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. There are also liquid thymus extract drops that are taken sublingually and a few products of freeze-dried purified thymus protein that is also administered sublingually.

Our experience has taught us that purified thymus protein administered sublingually is the most effective. I have recently been testing a thymic compound called BioProtein+PlusTM that contains purified biologically active thymus proteins ranging in atomic size from 10,000 to 50,000 Dalton plus Zinc Gluconate.

The Role of Zinc

DNA makes RNA, which in turn makes proteins. Proteins drive biological function. Trace minerals work as catalysts or activators in enzyme complexes and influence reactivity and stability of protein configurations. Zinc has anti-oxidant properties and serves a vital role in many immune functions. Studies have shown that Zinc must be present for lymphocyte maturation and is a lymphocyte mitogen. Additionally, zinc is a necessary co-factor in activation of serum thymic factor5,6. Zinc Gluconate has been clinically proven to reduce the duration of the common cold by an average of 7 days 7,8.

Zinc may also have some anti-aging benefits. An important study of zinc supplementation in elderly patients resulted in increased numbers of T-cells and enhanced cell-mediated immune responses 9.

Our testing indicates that BioProtein+PlusTM works to regulate the T-helper/T-killer/T-suppressor interaction resulting in normalization of immune response. Our experience is consistent with clinical studies conducted with other thymus products. The quality of our results are due to the combination of biologically active purified thymus proteins contained in BioProtein+PlusTM working synergistically with the zinc gluconate to induce immune regulation.

A Unique Thymic Compound BioProtein+PlusTM is a proprietary formula produced by the original manufacturer of BioPro Thymic Protein A. The thymus used in its manufacture comes from dairies in the US that only produce certified raw dairy products. It is certified free of microorganisms and BSE. The proteins are purified efficiently by the most up to date assay techniques while taking great care to maintain the proteins' biological activity. They are then lyophilized to maintain their long-term stability.

The zinc gluconate used in the manufacture of BioProtein+PlusTM is of the highest quality available. Once freeze-dried, the purified thymus proteins and the zinc gluconate are triturated into a base of maltodextrin and packaged in doses containing 
 100mcg of thymic proteins and 1mg zinc gluconate .

It is recommended by the manufacturer to be taken as a once per day supplement. Just as with BioPro Thymic Protein A, we have not seen any adverse side effects. On some occasions a health care professional may recommend more than one per day. As with other zinc products, toxicity does not occur unless a person takes over 150 mg of zinc per day for more than two weeks. BioProtein+PlusTM contains 1 mg of zinc per dose.

There are no known contraindications but BioProtein+PlusTM is likely to be less effective for people using steroidal medications.

Clinical Observations

As of this writing two clinical trials have begun using BioProtein+Plus TM. One trial is being conducted on subjects with Hepatitis C, the end point being to reduce viral load, normalize ALT, AST and increase general well being. The second trial is on Lymphopenia caused by chemotherapy toxicity. The following are observations made of individuals from these two trials:

Hepatitis C

As of mid-September 2001, there are 30 patients enrolled in an open label study. All are positive Hepatitis C patients with no co-infection and no other therapy. In the first 4-8 weeks taking one packet per day, 26 patients report feeling better and 20 have shown positive clinical improvement by blood parameters.

Chemotherapy Toxicity

Ethel began Taxol treatment for breast cancer in December 1999. She began using three packets of BioProtein+Plus TM per day when she began treatment. As of mid-July, 2000 she has received 8 rounds of Taxol.    Throughout her treatment her blood parameters have remained in the normal range except her lymphocyte count dropped below normal for six weeks from mid-March to the end of April. She completed her Taxol treatment without interruption.

Brief reports from health care professionals:

Kathryn, an acupuncturist in the state of Florida, has found the new BioProtein+Plus to be very effective at reducing viral load on her Hepatitis C patients referred to her by an Internist for acupuncture treatments.

Michael, an acupuncturist also in the state of Florida, has found the new BioProtein+Plus effective in balancing immune function for a number of patients with autoimmune disorders.

Denise and Luby Chambul, D.C. of Nashville, Tennessee have used the BioProtein+Plus in Hepatitis C patients with effective reduction of viral load.

Dr. Warren : I have been dispensing BioPro Thymic Protein A for over 4 years, to clients with a variety of health problems ranging form simple immune dysfunction to severe debilitating diseases like; Chronic Fatigue, Hepatitis C, severe Lymphopenia, and Cancer. In the vast majority of cases (90%), I have seen positive health benefits when the product was taken as recommended.

Since being introduced to the "new generation" product, BioProtein+Plus, I have observed the same extraordinary health benefits previously experienced with the aforementioned product and in several cases a more natural or complete immune regulation response has been observed, with out the "inflammatory flare" sometimes seen with BioPro. I can only surmise this is because of the more balanced and complete formulation of purified thymus proteins coupled with the zinc found in BioProtein+Plus.

I feel both products are phenomenal in enhancing the immune response, however, because of the smooth immune modulation and the cost differential between the two products, I prefer BioProtein+plus, as the supplement of choice to fully restore the cell mediated immunity so necessary for a healthy life.


Nothing teaches and convinces like one's own experience. The author's own observations and experience as well as other health care professionals is that BioProtein+PlusTM is an excellent tool in the battle against immune dysfunction.


If you are a person who suffers with chronic viral infection while at the same time dealing with autoimmune disorder, ask your health professional about this product. If you are a health professional looking for an effective and cost-effective tool to recommend to your clients, consider trying this product and experience for yourself the benefits.

Thymus Gland, Its Function and How Thymic Peptides Work

The thymus gland is a ductless gland which lies just beneath the breastbone. It is almost non-existent in adults due to rapid atrophy after adolescence. Because it is so small in adults, it was long thought to be of little importance until its true function was discovered in 1960. One technique researchers used to discover the function of the thymus was to remove it from young animals and study the resultant changes.

When small animals have their thymus removed (thymectomy), they experience a profound "wasting disease". The wasting syndrome is characterized by an increased incidence of infection and cancer (immune suppression, failure to grow, allergies, neuromuscular paralysis , and auto immune diseases (immune dysfunction). Greater susceptibility to infection and cancer was shown to be directly attributable to a dramatic decrease in peripheral blood lymphocytes (lymphopenia). Rearing the animal in a sterile environment prevented the increased incidence of infection and cancer but did not eliminate all of the symptoms caused by thymectomy.

In 1964 it was demonstrated that hormone-like factors from thymus tissue could prevent many of the manifestations of the wasting syndrome caused by thymectomy. This research suggested that the thymus gland produces substances that are important to the development of the immune system. Although the relationship of this observation and the other wasting syndrome symptoms were not yet understood, the importance of the thymus gland was beginning to be revealed.

Once it was discovered that the thymus produces these hormone-like factors, several groups of scientists began trying to extract and purify the material from thymus glands or serum. The model for this research was the preparation of insulin for therapeutic use in diabetes. Since the thymus produces extremely small quantities of the factors, researchers require large numbers of thymus glands or liters of serum to biochemically extract small amounts of active materials. This approach was met with limited success.

This research brought forth Thymosin in 1967 the first of many peptides (small protein fragments) to be extracted and extensively studied. Thymosin fraction V is from bovine thymus and is a mixture of thirty or more peptides. An active component, one which had biological activity was isolated from this mixture. It is a 28 amino acid fragment of the extract called Thymosin Alpha 1. It displayed a variety of immune stimulatory properties in the laboratory, and has been useful clinically as a treatment for hepatitis B in combination with alpha-interferon.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.