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Ashitaba Percent Powder 50g X 2 bags
Ashitaba Percent Powder 50g X 2 bags
Percent Ashitaba Powder contains the most valuable and characteristic element- "CHALCONE" in Ashitaba grown in Hachi Jo Island. It also, has complete nutrients including natural protein, amino acid, vitamins, fiber, and minerals, with complete balanced nutrition. ItíŽs known as the "Treasure" and the "King of Vegetables" of the Longevity Island, the Hachi Jo Island Ashitaba was also known as "Longevity Herb". Percent Ashitaba Tablet is patented in Japan. Made only from the tender baby sprouts of Ashitaba to a concentrated (13:1) into no additive, no preservative, 100% natural. Same quality as in tablet.
Hachi Jo Island
Ashitaba from Japan, a medicinal plant for disease prevention, is grown and processed in Hachi Jo Island, Japan.

Ashitaba is an Asian green vegetable rich in antioxidant - Chalcone. Recent studies in Japan and the U.S. have shown that the Chalcone in Ashitaba helps guard against common diseases.

The academic research group lead by Dr. Kimie Baba, MD, who is an authority on Ashitaba have announced several research reports which includes the publication in the 1990 Pharmacology Convention. The findings of the research indicates that Hachi Jo Island Ashitaba does not only contain rich and balanced vitamins minerals, food fiber and amino acids, it also contains a newly found element- named "CHALCONE".

Donald Buhler and his colleagues at Oregon State University found that minute amounts of Chalcone in hops were six times as potent as those antioxidants found in citrus fruit, almost four times as potent as those in soy, and two times more potent than those found in green tea.

Due to Ashitaba's blood purifying and detoxifying properties, cells stay healthy and thus metabolism, immune system, and all other body functions, especially liver and kidneys, can maintain proper balance, Hayano said. As a result, the aging process is retarded on a cellular level and degenerative diseases are prevented.

"Ashitaba has been consumed as a vegetable and medicine for many hundreds of years by inhabitants of Hachi Jo Island (Longevity Islands). In Japan, Ashitaba is used to treat hypertension. As a diuretic, it has no side effects such as western medicines frequently have. Ashitaba is very useful in treating menstrual cramps and pains. It helps to make menopause more comfortable," said Dr. Kevin Lance Jones, O.M.D. Further, Ashitaba is useful in the treatment of a wide variety of gynecological conditions and provides women with therapeutic alternatives to hormone replacement therapy and hysterectomies.

Studies by Dr. Kimie Baba of Osaka University show that Ashitaba has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-ulcer, anti-thrombus and strong anti-tumor effects, inhibiting skin and lung cancer. The Biomedical Group in Takara, Japan recently found that the plant can stimulate the production of nerve growth factor (NGF) is an added benefit to diabetics and to brain health.

"PerCent Ashitaba Tea" products are researched and developed by Osaka Pharmaceutical University in Japan together with Hachi Jo Island Agriculture Association, "Percent Ashitaba" products are made purely from organically grown Hachi Jo Island Ashitaba. With the advanced patented manufacturing technique (PAT1419841), we are able to offer you the complete nutrition of Hachi Jo Island Ashitaba while still maintaining its original flavor.


SKU HJ50005
Weight 0.46 lbs
Contains 50g X 2 bags
Manufacture HachiJo Island
Price: $46.00


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