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VesPro SomatoMed MaxTM Secretagogue advanced human growth hormone releasing formula brings you double the amount of peptides in a micro encapsulation delivery system to better utilize the peptides and deliver them to your receptor sites. These improvements have shown in our studies to greatly increase the effectiveness and potency of our Growth Hormone secretagogue.

Human Growth Hormone has been extensively studied, both clinically and theoretically, for many decades. It is said to be "Fountain of Youth" and has excited the medical community with its numerous positive physiological effects on degenerative conditions related to both aging and disease.

From VesPro's beginning it understood that the megatrend of Preventive and Anti-aging Medicine was colliding with the last genertions obsession with looking and feeling younger. The company pioneered the marketing of growth hormone releasers (secretagogues) to meet the needs of the anti-aging marketplace in the summer of 1997. In the last several years VesPro has worked with many physicians around the world who use oral growth hormone releaser for their patients. The data we collected and the feedback we obtained from many of those physicians has provided VesPro with valuable knowledge regarding the effects of oral secretagogues.

Realizing that there were few legitimate GH releasing products available, our physicians commissioned us to find the most efficacious and up-to-date product technology for their patients. Accordingly, our research pointed to the need for more contemporary amino acids and compounds, which would produce an even greater physiologic response of growth hormone surge. VesPro discovered compounds, which would take secretagogues to the next level for the health care professional.


Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 4 capsules

Amount Per Serving


% Daily Value *

NGH Protein / Peptide Complex

2985 mg

** %     

GH Support Herbal Blend

720 mg

** %     

Nutraceutic Matrix

825 mg

** %     


20 mg

125 %     

Folic Acid

270 mcg

67.5 %     

Zinc Gluconate


100 %     

*Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily value not established.
*** when compared to VesPro GHS

Usage Directions: Take 4 caps on an empty stomach (3 hours after eating) for 5 consecutive days. Then take 2 days off. Repeat this cycle for 90 days. Then take 2 weeks off before starting again. Wait an hour to eat after taking tablets.

Storage: Store in cool, dry area. Keep out of reach of children.

Warning: Not intended for use by pregnant or lactating women.

SomatoMed Max - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Do GH-releasing supplements like SomatoMed MaxTM have anabolic properties?
     GH releasers would manifest some anabolic properties through enhanced muscle protein synthesis and reduced muscle protein catabolism, both of which would enhance muscle anabolism.
  • Q: Why should SomatoMed MaxTM be taken on an empty stomach?
     GH is released more reliably under conditions of low blood glucose and a low content of circulating free fatty acids in the blood. This means that such amino acid supplements work best if taken on an empty stomach.
  • Q: Why is it suggested to take SomatoMed Max at bedtime?
     Taking amino acids or GH-releasers at such time is suggested as a way to augment the natural peak release of GH, which occurs during the initial ninety minutes of sleep.
  • Q: What is meant by a “growth hormone-releasing Secretagogue?”
     Any natural peptide or amino acid chain, which augments both the amount of, and release of, existing GH in the brain’s pituitary gland.
  • Q: What is the suggested dosage of SomatoMed Max?
     The schedule for SomatoMed MaxTM calls for taking the supplement three tablets at a time, at bedtime, for five consecutive days, followed by a two-day break. The cycle is then repeated. After three consecutive months, it is recommended that one take two to four weeks off.
  • Q: Why is Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 measured in the plasma instead of GH?
     IGF-1 levels are measured due to the ephemeral blood levels of GH. While GH is broken down in the liver about an hour after being released into the blood, IGF-1 levels (which are directly stimulated by GH) last for up to 18 hours.
  • Q: What makes SomatoMed Max superior to other technologies?
     The addition of more hypothalamic peptides, liver support, adrenal support and significant amounts of adaptagenic herbs make SomatoMed Max the state-of-the-art Secretagogue in today’s medical marketplace. Additionally, two delivery systems optimize the delivery and absorption of these fragile constituents, first into the stomach, then past the intestinal wall for saturation of the targeted receptor sites by the amino acids and peptides.
  • Q: What are possible contraindications indicated by SomatoMed Max consumption?
     There are no known medical contraindications. To receive maximum utilization and absorption, it is however, important to take the product on an empty stomach.
  • Q: Can I take other supplements at the same time as SomatoMed Max?
     The important issue is to not jeopardize maximize saturation of the intended receptor sites, so taking the product alone would be optimal. Any supplement that increases testosterone levels would be compatible with simultaneous ingestion. Supplements that increase insulin levels will interfere with the intended results of SomatoMed Max. Separate consumption of those supplements and SomatoMed MaxTM by at least four hours.
  • Q: What patient profiles could expect to benefit from SomatoMed Max usage?
     Cognitive function, muscle wasting, lean muscle conversion, bone density, Auto-immune issues, sleep problems, pre and post menopausal, sports performance and recovery, as well as body fat loss.
“The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing older is not inevitable… We now realize that some aspects of it can be prevented or reversed.” - Daniel Rudman, M.D.

Why is there so much focus on Growth Hormone in the media today? To put it simply, there is no other substance known to man that has such far reaching ability to prevent and reverse the aging process.

Dr. Daniel Rudman, an endocrinologist, pioneered the original peer reviewed research on GH in humans. The study, published in the new England Journal of Medicine, represents the biggest breakthrough in anti-aging research.

Until recently, growth hormone therapy has only been available in the form of injections that are prohibitively expensive and difficult to use. Now there are natural substances (secretagogues) which have been documented to increase growth hormone naturally and may exceed the effectiveness of injection therapy. These natural secretagogues provide nutritional support for the release of growth hormone from its sequestered state in the pituitary gland. As we age the pituitary gland releases less growth hormone. Natural secretagogues have been documented to help support the secretion of growth hormone as we age.

Studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine and other journals show that Human Growth Hormone (hGH) may reverse human biological aging by:


  • Restoring muscle mass.
  • Decreasing body fat.
  • Thickening the skin, reducing wrinkles.
  • Restoring lost hair.
  • Restoring hair color.
  • Increasing energy.
  • Increasing sexual function.
  • Improving cholesterol profile.
  • Restoring size of liver, pancreas, heart and other organs that shrink with age.
  • Improving vision.
  • Improving memory.
  • Elevating mood and improving sleep.
  • Normalizing blood pressure.
  • Increasing cardiac output and stamina.
  • Improving immune function.


Warning: Seek the advice of your health care professional before using if you are pregnant, nursing or have any medical conditions.   If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care professional.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.