VesPro GH Max Spray 1 oz

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VesPro GH Max Spray Supplement 1 oz

Vespro GH Max Spray is a supplement that includes a unique formula to optimize effectiveness. As there are many factors in the aging process, supplementing HGH is only one component of slowing the aging process. A successful HGH supplementation requires the preparation of the body for the increased presence of  hormone.

The selected ingredients in this unique HGH formula address the health of four major portions of the body. These include the brain, the nervous system, the energy systems (adrenals and cellular ATP), and the body's drainage system.

The ingredients in this spray formula are in micro-dilutions to enable its immediate utilization into the system when sprayed in the mouth or under the tongue. They include a special class of botanicals with a unique preparation process. In this process, the extracts are derived from the embryonic state of the plant bud. This stage of the plant development is known to have a very high concentration of enzymes, minerals and most importantly growth factors which are needed to produce the plant. Also this process of extraction captures the plant's essence at its highest life force.

This preparation process provides high energy extracts with high biological and bioenergetic activity which energizes organs and supports their detox and drainage eforts as well as providing rejuvenation support.

This method of preparation and our selection of key plants based on their unique nutritive value and affinity to certain organ functions, maximizes the actions and  benefits to the system.


Ingredients: Proprietary plant blend - Avena Sativa, Flouricum, Acidium, ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), Black Current Buds, Elm Buds, Somatropin (hgh supplement). In the base of potassium sorbate, Glycerin, Distilled Water.

Avena Sativa
Has a favorable nutritive action on brain and the nervous system. A great nutritive remedy for the sexual organs and the endocrine system. Ideal for recovery after exhaustive disease or stress. Specially suited for the aged and advanced degeneration.

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
Known as Nature's Energy Store. All living things, plants and animals, require a continual supply of energy in order to function. The energy is used for all the processes which keep the organism alive. However, before the energy can be used, it is first transformed into a form which the organism can handle easily. This special carrier of energy is the molecule adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.

A high energy phosphate compound, is produced in the mitochondria of cells in the process of oxidative phosphorylation. Assists in the nutritive regeneration of tissues and organs in the body. This ingredient has been prepared in a special matrix to maximize its benefits in this product.

Ribus Nigrum (Black Currant Buds)
A very good nutritive support for the adrenals and the prostate. An overall rejuvenative ingredient specially prepared to capture the plant's growth factors.

Flouricum Acidium
Ideal for complaints of old age and premature aging with special nutritive value for the maintaining a healthy venous system. Also promotes healthy joints.

Saw Palmetto (leaf)
Supports the sexual and endocrine system in both men and women. Promotes healthy tissue building and metabolism. Great nutritive ingredient for promoting healthy ovaries and prostate.

Ulmus Campestres (Elm Buds)
This is a great nutritive remedy for the whole metabolism supporting detox and drainage processes of the body and remineralizing the system. Also supports healthy joints and ligaments.


Supplement Facts:

Serving Size: 3 Sprays
Servings per container: 180 Sprays

Amount Per Serving


% Daily Value *


400 mcg

** %     


200 mcg

** %     

Vitamin B-12

19 mcg

316 %     


400 mcg

** %     


150 ng

** %     

*Percentage Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily value not established.

Hypoallergenic: non-animal source, contain no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, soy, wheat, sugar, starch, artificial color, flavor or fragrance.

Usage Directions: Spray 1 - 2 pumps under tongue 3 times a day for 5 days, rest for 2 days, then repeat. Limit to 6 pumps (sprays) daily, unless otherwise advised by a qualified healthcare professional.


Storage: Keep out of reach of children. Keep in cool and dry place. Do not use if outer seal is broken or damaged.

Warning: Not intended for use by pregnant or lactating women.

DISCLAIMER: VesPro GH-Max Spray is a nutritional supplement and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose diseases. If you have serious health problems and are taking prescription medications, always consult your doctor before taking any form of nutritional supplements.

Studies showing that injected HGH provides anti-aging benefits do not constitute competent and reliable scientific evidence that a pill or spray will provide the same benefit.


GH Max Lab Services Report Sheet

Candidates Sex Test/Units Collection date Date Completed Results % Increase in IGF-1

B. English


IGF-1,Free/ ng/dl

02/10/00 - 03/01/00


before 75.8 after 97.2


M. English


IGF-1,Free/ ng/dl

02/10/00 - 03/06/00


before 72.4 after 105.4


L Ong


IGF-1,Free/ ng/dl

02/03/00 - 03/23/00


before 59.2 after89.0


M Mertens


IGF-1,Free/ ng/dl



before 84.7 after 94.0


M Horn


IGF-1,Free/ ng/dl

04/16/00 - 05/07/00


before 231.8 after 309.5


Reference Range




   10-20 years:   



   25-39 years:   



   40-50 years:   



   55+ years:   




GH Max Frequently Asked Questions


CAUTION: VesPro GH-Max Spray is a nutritional supplement and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose diseases. If you have serious health problems and are taking prescription medications, always consult your doctor before taking any form of nutritional supplements.
Disclaimer: Studies showing that injected HGH provides anti-aging benefits do not constitute competent and reliable scientific evidence that a pill or spray will provide the same benfit.

Q: Do GH-releasing supplements like GH-Max Spray have anabolic properties?

A: GH releasers would manifest some anabolic properties through enhanced muscle protein synthesis and reduced muscle protein catabolism, both of which is possible to enhance muscle anabolism.

Q: Why is it suggested to take GH-Max Spray at bedtime?

A: Taking amino acids or GH-releasers at such time is suggested as a way to augment the natural peak release of GH, which occurs during the initial ninety minutes of sleep.

Q: Will I grow taller if I begin the product, as I am not growing at a "normal rate" for someone my age?

A: There are no clinical studies at this point which prove that a plant-based peptide, amino acid complex will increase bone plate length. There are bone density studies but no definitive results as regards length. VesPro GH-Max Spray is not intended for people seeking height increases. There is no known knowledge of a nutritional supplement that can help height increase in a normal person.

Q: What is meant by a "growth hormone-releasing Secretagogue?"

A: Any natural peptide or amino acid chain, which augments both the amount of, and release of, existing GH in the brain's pituitary gland.

Q: Why is Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), rather than GH, measured in the plasma?

A: IGF-1 levels are measured due to the ephemeral blood levels of GH. While GH is broken down in the liver about an hour after being released into the blood, IGF-1 levels (which are directly stimulated by GH) last for up to to 18 hours.

Q: What makes GH-Max Spray superior to other secretagogue technology?

A: The addition of more hypothalamic peptides, liver support, adrenal support and significant amounts of adaptagenic herbs make GH-Max Spray the state- of-the-art Secretagogue in today's consumer marketplace. Additionally, two delivery systems optimize the delivery and absorption of these fragile constituents, first into the stomach, then past the intestinal wall for saturation of the targeted receptor sites by the amino acids and peptides.

Q: What are possible contraindications initiated by GH-Max Spray consumption?

A: There are no known medical contraindications. To receive maximum utilization and absorption, it is however, important to take the product on an empty stomach. Caution: If you have serious health problems and are taking prescription medications, always consult your doctor before taking any form of nutritional supplements.

Q: May I take other supplements at the same time as GH-Max Spray?

A: The important issue is to not jeopardize maximize saturation of the intended receptor sites, so taking the product alone would be optimal. Any supplement that increases testosterone levels would be compatible with simultaneous ingestion. Supplements that increase insulin levels will interfere with the intended results of GH-Max Spray. Separate consumption of those supplements and GH-Max Spray by at least four hours.

Q: How quickly should I expect to see results with GH-Max Spray?

A: Everyone is different based on body biochemistry, immune integrity etc. Most people experience a more restful night's sleep and increase energy level within two weeks.

Q: At what age may an individual benefit from GH-Max Spray?

A: Most healthy people, below the age of 35, who have normal hormone levels, would not need the product. Everyone over 40, because of the rapid changes in the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis, would greatly benefit from the product's attributes. One exception: a serious athlete or bodybuilder, under the age of 35, may need GH-Max Spray because of the tremendous wear and tear on the body resulting from the physical activity. For serious athletes, please read VesPro's SomatoPlexTM in the Sports Performance section of this web site.

Q: Will GH-Max Spray benefit me if I no longer have a pituitary gland?

A: If someone has pituitary disease or no pituitary function, please consult your doctors about HGH.