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VesPro - Since 1997

 VesPro Inc., formerly Vespro Life Sciences was Founded in 1997. VesPro’s original goal was to research, develop and market state-of-the-art Phyto-nutrients and Phyto-pharmaceuticals. VesPro extensively researched preventive medicine, aesthetics, sports and fitness markets and with twelve nationally published articles introduced one of the first natural, oral secretagogue GH releasers.  GH releaser's have continued to gain industry acceptance in both anti-aging, fitness and active lifestyle performance. VesPro's passion has merged with amazing advances in natural and whole body wellness incluuding:
  • Anti-Aging
  • Beauty Trends | Skin Therapy | Regeneration | Healing
  • Energy | Strength | Stamina
  • Stress Reduction
  • Pain Relief
  • Immune Support - anti-viral | anti-bacterial | anti-fungal

Vespro is dedicated to providing the highest quality products to help you feel, look, and live your healthiest.

In addition to VesPro brand products and select manufactures sold online and retail, VesPro offers custom formulations and turn key development of premium nutraceutical and dietary supplement products manufactured in the United States and sold internationally. VesPro uses proven manufacturing and delivery systems that adhere to safe and credible good manufacturing practices with our commitment to exceed customer’s expectations. Vespro remains committed to the success of each customer big and small.