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  1. Sedca-Ceutics Totally Stressed 90 Tabs



    As low as: $29.95

    HIGH POTENCY ADRENAL WITH ADAPTOGENS AND CO-FACTORS Totally Stressed® is a comprehensive blend of 3 herbs, B vitamins and nucleoproteins known to support strong adrenal structure and function. Who can benefit? Anyone who is under acute stress or chronic unrelenting stress or with symptoms of improperly functioning adrenal glands due to stress.

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  2. Vespro IGF-1 Max Supplement 30 ml (1oz) Spray

    IGF-1 (or Insulin Like Growth Factor-1) is a protein that promotes tissue growth, organ health, and healthy blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, IGF-1 is a diminishing resource in an aging body. As we age and less Growth Hormone is released from the pituitary gland, there is a corresponding drop in IGF-1 levels, yet the bodies demand for IGF-1 does not decrease. As IGF-1 levels decline, the vitality and physical exuberance of youth recedes, further contributing to the process and experience of aging. Learn More
  3. Sedca-Ceutics iStressedOut - (Formulated to Lower Cortisol Levels) - 90 Chew Tabs

    iStressedOut is formulated to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body. Cortisol is a hormone released from the cortex of the adrenal glands in response to stress. Under any kind of stress, the body needs quick energy. When cortisol is released, it breaks down anything in its pathway and converts it to usable sugars. The body will willingly sacrifice itself for survival. If stress continues long-term, the body recognizes that it cannot sacrifice itself any longer, so the body will place a layer of belly fat on the hips (spare tire). Thus, the cortisol can now breakdown the fat in the mid-section instead of sacrificing the other important tissues in the nearby area. Learn More
  4. Sedca-Ceutics i-6Factor Soft Tissue Anti-inflammatory Support - 180 caps



    As low as: $49.00
    Sedca-Ceutics i-6Factor soft tissue anti-inflammatory support for sore and stiffness muscles from over-use. Proteolytic enzymes used to support natural resolution of the normal inflammatory process. Learn More
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